Award-Winning Gelato

Awarded Best Gelato in Canada, Chicago, 2016
and The International Journalist's Choice Award, Italy 2017

Stella Luna gelato is a true artisan product. It's handcrafted on site, from scratch, following the principles of the antique Italian gelateria where fresh whole milk, cane sugar, sometimes egg yolks, alongside the best raw materials like pistachios from Sicily, hazelnuts from Peimonte, Bourbon-Madagascar vanilla beans, Callebaut chocolate and many others have a major role. A moderate use of cream as well as meticulously balancing sugar, allow us to offer you gelato with an intense, fresh and natural taste, a silky smooth texture and a dense structure, that's easily digestible and low in fat (5% – 8%).

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When you start with excellent raw materials and avoid artificial flavouring, colouring or fruit pastes, you can really taste the difference.  Depending on the intensity of the fruit and the season, the fruit content in our sorbets is an astounding 50% pure fruit!! Sorbets are made using filtered water with NO dairy. Best of all, they are fat free!

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The Difference

The Main Difference Between Gelato and Ice-Cream

1. Gelato’s main ingredient is MILK not cream meaning that on average, it has about ¼ of the milk-fat of regular ice-cream. Less fat to coat the taste-buds mean more flavour absorbed not to mention fewer calories to burn!

2. Gelato is denser than ice-cream with very little air so you get more flavour per spoonful.


3. Gelato is stored at a warmer temperature than ice-cream so your taste buds don’t freeze up and dull the flavour sensation.


4. Gelato is handcrafted fresh, every day, in small batches.

It isn’t only their Gelato, just wait till you see what else they offer - Marilyn