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Tammy Guiliani, Owner and Master Gelato Chef

The cost of renting the cart is $375 which includes our staff to serve your guests for an hour, along with all the required supplies (cups, spoons, napkins, etc.). Our internationally award-winning gelato is freshly handcrafted the morning of your event with flavours you’ve customized during your personalized tasting session. The cost of the gelato is $6.99 per person.
All prices are exclusive of HST.
Please note there is a minimum booking of 60 guests. 

Vintage Gelato Push-Cart Catering

Stella Luna’s Vintage Gelato Push-cart is a unique addition to any celebration, serving up our internationally award-winning, freshly handcrafted gelato at corporate picnics, weddings, festivals, community events, anniversaries, graduation parties, rallies and more!



Stella Luna’s Vintage Gelato Push-Cart is a unique addition to your wedding, adding an element of playfulness, romance, and elegance. While some choose to serve gelato as their main dessert, finding it a refreshing treat after a filling dinner, others like to compliment the dessert bar with gelato. Welcome guests as they leave the ceremony with Lemon & Strawberry Sorbet, or serve delightful flavours during the cocktail hour like “Strawberry & Champagne” and “Raspberry Daiquiri.”.  Stella Luna’s Vintage Gelato Push-Cart is unique, playful and romantic and ALWAYS a hit!


This is, hands down, the best gelato I've ever had outside of Rome. The texture is amazing, the flavors are robust and delicious - Zanglay