Our products are made using PREMIUM INGREDIENTS…no fillers, no artificial flavours, no artificial colour. No Compromises!

Stella Luna gelato is a true artisan product. It’s handcrafted on site, from scratch, following the principles of antique Italian Gelaterias where fresh whole milk, cane sugar, sometimes egg yolks, alongside the best raw materials like pistachios from Sicily, hazelnuts from Piemonte, Bourbon-Madgascar vanilla beans, Callebaut chocolate and many others have a major role. A moderate use of cream as well as meticulously balancing sugar, allow us to offer you gelato with an intense, fresh and natural taste, a silky smooth texture and a dense structure, that’s easily digestible and low in fat (5% – 8%).

When you start with excellent raw materials and don’t use any artificial flavouring, colouring or fruit pastes, you can really taste the difference.  Depending on the intensity of the fruit and the season, the fruit content in our sorbets is an astounding 50% pure fruit!! Sorbets are made using pure water and don’t contain dairy products. Best of all, they are fat free!

A frappé is made by blending freshly prepared gelato or sorbetto with milk. Pick your favourite flavours and we’ll blend up a treat for you….with ¼ of the fat you’ll find in a milkshake made with premium ice-cream.

Stella Luna smoothies are made with 100% FRUIT - NO WATER, NO ICE, NO SUGARY SYRUPS. Each smoothie has at least 2 cups of fruit in it giving it real nutritional value. Our Piña Colada is so tasty and so thick, you’ve really gotta pucker to suck it back.

Stella Luna hot chocolate is made using antique recipes from the Italian Alps – fresh milk, excellent quality chocolate and a bit of cream. It’s rich and naturally dense.  

Originating in Southern Italy, a granita is like sorbet but slightly grainier and even more refreshing. Stella Luna makes its granita following the Sicilian tradition: few but premium, fresh  ingredients and a sweet but not syrupy flavour!


There is an Italian proverb that says:
The ideal coffee should be,
As black as the night, as hot as the sun,
As pure as the moon, and as sweet as love.

Stella Luna espresso has a full bodied flavour with no bitter after-taste, and a rich cream that sits on top. We offer a full Coffee Bar selection serving up brewed java, cappuccino, latte, mocaccino, the trademark Stella Luna Hot Chocolate, alongside steamers and shivers….just ask for it and we’ll make it for you.

What’s a cappuccino without a warm scone or a chocolate chip cookie straight from the oven? Watch for our fresh baking every day, including the now immortalized “Nonna Filippi Cake”!

They’re not just for breakfast. You can have your crepes or buttermilk waffles anytime you want them….after school, for lunch, as a late night snack after an evening at the Mayfair.  We’ll serve them up with freshly prepared fruit coulis, cinnamon apple compote, Quebec maple syrup, or Nutella …perhaps with a scoop of gelato on the side.


 I confess to being a Panini Nut. My bedtime reading is all about panini recipes, panini filling, new and innovative panini. We have funky salads during warm weather and hearty soups to warm your bones when it’s chilly.


Gelato Cakes are where the party begins…they’re fun to make, taste delicious and look amazing. They also present beautifully as a little something to bring with you to dinner at a friend’s or to celebrate a special occasion. Call ahead at least 24 hours in advance and custom design a cake especially for your occasion.

Bijoux Cakes – little ribbon wrapped jewels for intimiate celebrations:
$8.75 Petite – individual sized jewels
$13.50 Lover’s Duet – just enough for you and your special someone
$16.50 Medio – you can have your cake and eat it too .. with two of your friends!

Celebration Cakes:
$32.00 for the 6″ cake - serves 4 to 6 people
$46.00 for the 8″ cake – serves 8 to 10 people
$53.00 for the 10″ cake - serves 12 to 15 people